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Fundraiser Funds

Posted Date: 03/24/2021

Fundraiser Funds

THANK YOU for all of your support in our fundraising efforts.

We want to remind you that all ticket sales, dress up days, BPE nights, etc. are STRICTLY VOLUNTARY.

We were made aware that we should be more transparent about WHERE the funds are spent and we would like to explain.

  • The Jane's Shrimp Boil tickets will be used strictly for Intervention costs. 
  • The recent Chik-Fil-A night was strictly for the Library.
  • The monthly $5 dress up days are divided up each month. As the year progresses, we collect for the following​


         *Lydia Cancer Association

         *Leukemia Society

         *St. Jude's Hospital

         *Alzheimer's Association

         *American Heart Association

         *United Givers Fund

         *PBiS rewards

         *Testing incentives

 *Dodson Memorial Scholarship (This was established in memory of 2 teachers' children who passed away in automobile accidents. Each year, at    least 2 - $500           scholarships are given to former Dodson students graduating from New Iberia Senior High. Since Dodson no longer exists,      the scholarships will eventually be given to BPE students who meet the criteria.)


​Each of these have a special role in the lives of our faculty or former faculty members*  


As always, we welcome any comments or questions. Please feel free to participate as much or as little as you would like. 

Your participation is very much appreciated.